Yoga with my fitbit

I’ve started wearing a Fitbit recently. I feel bizarrely self-conscious, wondering if it labels me as aggressively sporty or something. I keep expecting people to engage me in conversation about split intervals, HIIT, Fartlek or whatnot…

Actually I’m just trying to meet the advice of three health professionals who are currently helping me look after myself: the Fitbit helps see how I’m performing against the targets they’ve set. The doctor wants me to up my activity levels in general, since I told her I’d recently decreased my weekly attendance at yoga classes. Swapping an energetic asana practice for longer meditation didn’t do down too well. Using energy creates energy. She didn’t quite say Prana, but that’s what I heard! And I got her best stern look to underline her point. The psychiatrist wants to monitor my sleep pattern and see if we can increase the amount I get each night, without resorting to too much daytime napping. The physio thinks yoga is great for my spine but is urging more cardio work and more frequent moving about in the office (hello hourly steps target!).

The Fitbit handily measures all these things. Plus it wakes me up in the morning, can track my hydration and would do a lovely graph of my weight if I cared to check it. If only it could also fix up an espresso and blow dry my hair I’d be totally sold on this little gadget!

All things are a work in progress…

img_0114But meanwhile it’s been quite interesting wearing it to class, though I don’t know what it really tells me. The pic is the results from an ‘advanced level’ class. Does the minimal time in ‘cardio zone’ suggest I’m super-advanced in breath control or just not giving it enough welly? I’ve never really thought of yoga in terms of a workout before and maybe with good reason — the Fitbit’s algorithm calculates that I burn more calories walking two miles to class than I do actually in the class. Can that really be right?


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  1. I love my fitbit! But let’s face it: It is man-made technology. Although yoga does not require much active movement, it’s typically static stretching/poses, shit is tough! You will breathe and sweat and it’s definitely better than sitting on the couch. BUT, if this was all a being did, it’s not much of a calorie torcher long-term. It works your body and stretches your body, but movement (such as walking & running) is what gets our heart rate up and torches calories. Whether or not your FitBit misleads you here and there (I question mine sometimes), Either way, I do love my FitBit! 😀

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    1. Because I practice vinyasa style which is dynamic for maybe more than half the practice time, and I sweat loads, I just assumed Fitbit would show more calories burnt or effort in heart rate or something…

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  2. Anyone who does an hour and a half of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga (or the power flow style that derives from it) knows that it is a workout! It is, of course, a great deal more than that too… which is what qualifies asana as one of the 8 limbs of yoga according to Patanjali.
    In terms of fitness, though, I’ve discovered that a balanced approach to activity is best. Not “all yoga, all the time” … I try to walk each day (on natural, irregular terrain in minimal footwear!) and make regular treks to the gym where I can do a bit of weight training and cardio… tai chi is a good full-body exercise as well as a sort of “moving meditation”. Hanging is great too!
    I guess I want to say that balance in all things is key. And a sense of humour and compassion for oneself too!

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  3. We had this discussion in class one day and as a runner and practitioner, there were interesting observations. The intense cardio drained energy while an intense yoga practice created energy. Of course, not in the scientific manner of speaking. Running increased my endurance but so did long holds in poses, the vinyasa style jumpings (although not frequent in the Iyengar style) would make my heart race too! Someone had given me a fitbit lookalike and so much data frazzled me, so I stopped wearing it😊 It’s cool to track and see patterns emerge though. Perhaps a couple of months should also show variations based on the cycles too.

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    1. So interesting Sonia (as you comments always are 🙂 ) about draining or creating energy by different practices. I keep hoping I will find energy to jog to yoga class when the weather is warmer — but I think I say that every year! That would certainly get my cardio up! Maybe the Fitbit will inspire me with its little vibrating habits and periodic inspirational messages 😀

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    1. Oh no, definitely not relying on this little thing strapped to my wrist! Just a bit intrigued by it — I’m so geeky about tech and about yoga!
      Thank you so much for the positive support, much appreciated.

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