Grumbles and aches

I'm doing a lot of sweet-talking to my body at the moment, coaxing it to move, to loosen up, to come on a journey with me. All my muscles are hurting, some of them pretty uncomfortable, with old injury points reasserting themselves for no good reason. It's not an excess of practice, I think it's... Continue Reading →

More or less yoga wear

A yoga outfit fail last week! I was coming straight from work, in a huge hurry because we'd had an end of financial year celebration (involving a soft drink only for me, in my yogic virtue 🙂 ), and when I got to the changing room with minutes to spare before class I realised I'd forgotten... Continue Reading →

Open to learning

The guru mantra got me from the first time I encountered it. After all I love learning, exploring, and sometimes mastering new things; I've always enjoyed finding ways to teach myself and I've been blessed with some truly phenomenal teachers through my life. I'm married to a teacher too! So I guess the surface message about learning... Continue Reading →

Raw yoga

One of my reports at work has just been refused a place on a management training course, as part of a cost-cutting exercise. She's disappointed and she feels as though she's missing out on something. But really she's been doing just fine without this course for more than a year. "You don't need it," I told... Continue Reading →

Change challenge

I hate yoga challenges, you might have heard me say this before. But now I'm thinking about setting myself one... Bear with me. I love to be contrary, you know! So here's the story: A student of mine posted a lovely note on my FB page last week, telling me I'd been top of her... Continue Reading →

Month by month

I'm a few months now into my routine of a monthly private session with my teacher. It sort of feels already like an indispensable yoga must-have, but it also feels like early days in something new, something that I am/we are feeling our way into. What do I want from this opportunity? Help with figuring out... Continue Reading →

Buddha and the badger

How hard is it to sit still? It's one of those things that seems easy until you try it! I took up yoga precisely to help me with sitting still. Ah, the irony that movement has become such a dominant part of my practice now...! But even so I like to think I'm a tiny bit better now... Continue Reading →

Laughing plank

I went to a long class-cum-workshop at the weekend. Honestly it wasn't quite what I expected but of course I learned heaps from it nonetheless. It was a deliberately very challenging sequence with the explicit aim of 'pushing our buttons' and seeing what happened, providing a laboratory for us individually to observe our responses and... Continue Reading →

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