My legs are amazing!

I'm standing up a lot at the moment. In my life I could easily spend 80% of my time sitting or lying down I reckon. But when you look out for opportunities to stand more -- and become less self-conscious about standing when others are sitting -- there are some easy changes to make. I was initially... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness in my workplace

Mindfulness in the workplace is a topic I feel a little ambivalent about -- sure, I feel strongly that such techniques can help our professional (corporate) lives as much they can support our personal lives, but I am concerned about why and how mindfulness is taught within a business. There's a lot of pressure for ROI (return on investment) and some... Continue Reading →

It’s spring!

Spoiler alert -- this has very little yoga in it. If that's what you were wanting, please come back another day! Today felt like the first day of spring to me! It helped that I had taken the day off work. To be honest I thought I might feel a little the worse for wear after... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday me! I'm 40 today. I thought I'd get the number out of the way up front. If I say it quickly enough, maybe we won't any of us notice it... My day started beautifully across town in my home yoga studio. My first two-hour class in a long while. Perhaps even the first of... Continue Reading →

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