In and out of the comfort zone

It's often said that Patanjali has little to offer on asana practice. Even so, I reckon that sthira sukham asanam (YS 2.46 "asana should be stable and comfortable") is one of the better known sutras. But I confess Patanjali's advice here has always just seemed something that might possibly apply to other people, but definitely not to me.... Continue Reading →

Eating in Greece — or “when in Rome”

I wrote recently about 'flexitarianism' suggesting that this could be viewed as an approach to eating and nourishment that adhered the concept of ahimsa (non-violence) by being mindful of what was appropriate in any particular situation, although not applying consistent food rules like vegetarianism and veganism. Being away from home and in a different country naturally disrupts one's diet (i.e.... Continue Reading →

Me and my physio

It seems like a long time ago that I frantically asked my teacher for physio recommendations. Now I feel as though I practically have A on speed-dial! She's been great in helping me heal the damage to my hamstring tendons and very patient with me, despite the fact that she more often deals with proper... Continue Reading →

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