The yoga of airports? Not so much!

I’m writing this stuck at the airport trying to get home after my conference. The weather is bad so I’m delayed. But at least we seem to have a flight time. And if it sticks to that new schedule I will not quite be home before the end of today, but not too far off it I hope.

So having read a few items from the States about yoga rooms in airports, I’d love to say I’ve filled in my time with a short asana practice. But no. Unsurprisingly there is no dedicated yoga room. And I couldn’t bring myself to use the prayer room either. Plus the prayer room is located on the landward side of security. Clearly you should get your prayers over and done with well before takeoff.

If I wasn’t travelling on my own, I’d probably have meditated a while. But I’m not trusting enough (and for good reason, based on one past experience…) to keep my eyes closed for very long in an airport, unless I have someone actually watching over me.

Bur fortunately I have my mini pocket version of Patanjali with me. Another travel essential. It might look huge in the pic, but it’s actually tiny. Just the sutras, plus a little commentary. More than enough to occupy my tired mind and remind me to be patient on the wait.airport

Safe travels to anyone on the move! x

3 thoughts on “The yoga of airports? Not so much!

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    1. Thank you. I got in about 4am. Such sweet homecoming! Plus I got talking to some lovely people on the way, brought together in adversity. One of them even wanted me to teach him some yoga…!


  1. I remember finding it quite jarring when after three months of living in a yoga community I took the plane back to Nz (over thirty hours in airports/planes). I was much more patient than I had been on the flight there but found the business in general quite a shock to the system! Glad you had patanjali to help you through 🙂


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