Simple smiles

It's a long weekend in the UK. That in itself is enough to make me smile. Just a bit more time to do whatever presents itself. A feeling of a bonus day. It's been a day full of things to make me smile: Surprising sunshine on my way to class this morning. I felt properly... Continue Reading →

Compassion for the skeletons in the closet

Compassion is a topic I keep coming across in blogs at the moment (picking up the idea of serendipity from my own blog recently!). Yogis often talk about cultivating compassion towards others, but receiving compassion is also an art that's worth practicing. I read a great post recently about handling compassion, how to confront one's vulnerability and... Continue Reading →

The universe offers…

I was feeling glum on my walk in to work this morning. The weather didn't help -- the meteorological joke that is an English summer. It was low grey skies with a hint of rain. I had a definite hankering for Greece. For the climate, the landscape, the hospitality of people. For endless frappés (Greek iced coffee),... Continue Reading →

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