Simple smiles

It’s a long weekend in the UK. That in itself is enough to make me smile. Just a bit more time to do whatever presents itself. A feeling of a bonus day.

It’s been a day full of things to make me smile:

  • Surprising sunshine on my way to class this morning. I felt properly warm for once. The bus was full of grumpy faces. I smiled back beatifically, but didn’t get anything in return.
  • I smiled my way into class. My teacher was playful and whispered something funny during an adjustment. I tried not to snort unyogically!
  • An afternoon walk with Hubby along the river to have coffee and cake at the place where I love their latte so much, served in a glass. Banter with the waitress.
  • Home and putting clean sheets on the bed. My linen doesn’t smell the same as the sheets from my mum’s airing cupboard (scents of my childhood), but I do have a new French doona cover ‘finition bouteille’ — with a kind of flap at the foot that you can tuck in. It ensures equal sharing of the doona through the whole night. The secret to marital harmony!
  • Watching Hubby settling briefly onto my zafu. I’m glad he’s taken the invitation and given himself a tiny pause from the tension he carries.
  • The prospect of a simple supper to cook and an hour or two with a good (non-yoga) book this evening!

Here’s to the small smile-inducing mundanities!

Have a lovely weekend, all! x

My zafu - with its own little ray of sunshine!
My zafu – complete with its own little ray of sunshine!

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