Mantra calling

I'm feeling a bit physically wrecked this week (just a a cold, but oh! that little virus certainly packs a punch!) so I haven't been up to much asana practice. I've been weak and a bit feverish. It makes for 'hot yoga' but not in a nice way... So asana practice is clearly not what my body... Continue Reading →

Fitting in

A weekend with family. And with a cold. Difficult while I was away to find time, space, or inclination for asana practice. But I did because it's now weird not to (when did that happen, I wonder?). Physically I really needed a stretch for aching limbs, but more than that I wanted a bit of stillness and... Continue Reading →

Asking for help

I think a lot of us struggle to ask for help. It's difficult to admit you can't handle something. This is definitely true for me. I like to think I have an inner superhero who can rise to anything. But if asking for help is a common difficulty (among certain personality types at least), I wonder... Continue Reading →

Hooded crow

Today I've mostly encountered the world from under a deep black hood. It's been raining on and off all day and it seemed to be bucketing down each time I needed to be on the move, by foot. And the grey skies and bleak weather suited my mood, creating this sense of justified misery. See... Continue Reading →

Snakes alive!

So on the news there was a story about a lost boa constrictor that escaped from its owner's bath -- perhaps down the toilet. The general public are warned not to approach! I'm listening to the news on the radio as I spend recovery time in bed, feeling ill. But despite (or because of...) how ill... Continue Reading →

108 blog posts

108 is a symbolic number to some. So this could be a beautiful point in my blogging journey. I wish! Instead it's a moment that finds me bogged down in probably all the kleshas (the obstacles to the state of yoga) at once. I had a little abhinivesa moment (fear of death, or clinging to life) in class at the... Continue Reading →

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