Namaste, beautiful reader, and welcome to the babycrowyoga blog!

About babycrow

babycrow is a fledgling yogini living in UK.

babycrow started practicing vinyasa yoga in 2013. She feels pretty unsteady in her practice and cheeps a lot at her teachers, but she will take flight one day and glide and soar on her own. This is a personal blog to record her thoughts and practice as she explores her truth and her yoga.

babycrow offers deep gratitude to the three teachers with whom she’s practised so far. She thinks of them as Love, Space, and Energy — though each of them offered and offers so much more than she can say.

When babycrow isn’t on her mat she likes to be with friends, inhale coffee, watch beetles, be warm, and listen to old-fashioned music. Not often all at the same time.

About the blog

Blogs, like yoga practice, simply reflect a moment in time and are always a work in progress, and babycrow is very aware that many of her thoughts will remain half-formed for some time while she catches up with herself: her understanding of yoga, like her execution of asanas, is changing all the time.

Voted one of Feedspots top 100 UK yoga blogs
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