Weird wonderful Wednesday

happy wednesdayWednesdays are weird days for me. It’s the one day of the week when I work a half day in the office and then the afternoon is mine. Or Yoga’s! 🙂 It’s the time when I usually teach, and I also have time to work on some yoga-related writing assignments and maybe a bit of yoga-study. Some weeks I also meet with my teacher.

So today I’m wearing multiple hats (and some fancy leggings to match!):

  • in the morning I’m working across the desk from my boss, accountable to him for my productivity and required to equal (and even challenge) his intellectual rigour, and then I’m running a meeting with my team figuring how best to match business needs with their abilities and treading my way through the delegation minefield
  • in the afternoon I’m sitting at my yoga teacher’s feet feeling a mixture of vulnerability and excitement that being a student entails for me, trusting that accomplishment is nothing but curiosity is all in this relationship
  • early evening I’m in the role of teacher myself, creating my best mix of technical instruction and compassionate ‘holding space’ as I seek to meet the interest and the uncertainty I perceive before me
  • later I’m a wife, listening to the events of Hubby’s day and riding the waves of enthusiasm he has for his work, and I check in on family concerns as daughter, sister, niece with some quick emails and texts, what passes for connection in a busy day/life
  • at the close of the day as the sun sets I walk by the river and I reflect on the day, its rich challenges and opportunities, the tapestry of relationships that I am woven into. Some of it flows smoothly, some of it is hard beyond words. All of it seems immensely precious. I hold it, wonder at it, then let it go. These days I’m trying to tread more lightly, hold less tightly, even as I feel ever more deeply.

4 thoughts on “Weird wonderful Wednesday

  1. Your Wednesday afternoon is not exactly “time off”… it’s “time on”! And you have to put in the same number of hours at work… I applaud your ability to make space in a busy work week for a focus on yoga (in its many guises). Happy “Woden’s Day”. : )

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