Back to class

5.45 clockMy alarm went off at 5.45 today — not a mistake! I was up early to walk across town (no cycling allowed yet) to my yoga studio for MY FIRST CLASS IN 3 MONTHS! Excuse the shouty capitals, but I was just a little bit excited by this (as regular readers will have noticed!). And the world met me in my happiness. Dawn was a perfect pink blush in the sky as I left my apartment and birdsong filled the air. A lovely spring morning. Throw in the odd unicorn and a rainbow and it would have been perfection! They were there in my imagination anyway.

And how was the reality of class after all my excitement and expectation? Well just lovely, thank you! Nothing fancy on my part. I have no idea what anyone else was up to. There could actually have been a unicorn in the room, I really wouldn’t have noticed unless it had got on my mat with me! It was just me in my body trying to listen simultaneously to my hamstring and my teacher’s voice. His advice to me — just enjoy making shapes. And I did. Well, a bit of fretting about alignment, but for safety not ego. I don’t think I pushed or pulled at anything that couldn’t take it. Time will tell. The 48 hour rule from my physio — that’s how long it takes for latent pain to show up. I am slightly bracing myself for some hamstring grumbling tomorrow, but hopefully nothing too bad. If it is, then I’ll rest for a few days and then try again. No drama required.

And after class I enjoyed chatting with my teacher for a catchup on life and a bit of reassurance about coming back to class, and having a laugh with the girls in the changing rooms. A brief coming together for a shared experience of an early class after which we all went our various ways on a sunny Friday. I don’t know about my fellow yogis but I had a smile plastered on my face all day. Home practice is a fabulous thing and I increasingly love and value mine, but it can feel a lonely road. So thank you morning yogis — I hope you all had a good day!

Beautiful magnolia tree on the way from studio to office
Beautiful magnolia tree on the way from studio to office

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