In praise of husbands — and KD

So I am BEYOND EXCITED that I have just booked tickets for Krishna Das’s kirtan in London this summer. Anyone else going, I wonder? And I am also beyond excited that a beautiful friend of mine (lost for more than a decade, recently very happily reunited) is coming with me. She’s new to KD, new to Kirtan, but is happy to jump into this experience with me. I’m extended a real rib-cracking hug out to her right now.

And she shared with me this lovely story about what happened when she was listening to KD for the first time as she cooked dinner last night:

Hubby returned after a terribly stressful day at work all anxious, frustrated and venting. Krishna Das stopped him in his tracks. “What are you listening to?” He listened intently then said it made him realise that there is a world outside of work and then he went off to meditate for twenty minutes. After that, he was full of smiles, happiness and hugs, and thanked me for making him so happy. Baffling but delightful, and a pretty good start to our evening together.

Ah, so the power of music. But also the power of husbands who can be such treasures.

shoulder-tapeMy own husbandly treasure was waiting at home for me with home-made veggie burgers and the hug that I text-requested on my way home late this evening. I found today tough and I was desperate to get home to my nest. It was a day when I was expecting to hear some serious news but found out it’ll take some days more so the worst is yet to happen and I can only wait. Then a visit to the physio touched a nerve quite literally and has left me feeling really sore — and held together with some ridiculous pink tape (the idea is to improve proprioception and help me reset my shoulder blade). And finally of course (since it seems that kind of day) yoga class tonight had a focus on shoulders. Just ouch.

At the end of all this home to Hubby who held me, then fed me, showered me, tucked me up with a hot water bottle and left me be. I still feel bruised from the day, but my heart is restored a little.

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  1. Sending big love to all those people who enrich our lives by so much – how lucky we are to have them. And thank you for the introduction to Krishna Das, Baby Crow. I never anticipated he would have such an immediate impact!

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  2. Lovely post! But I have an embarrassing admission: when I read the title, I thought you were referring to Kraft Dinner (yikes!!!) – I never thought of Krishna Das… Must talk to you about your shoulder: it sounds too much like what I’m struggling with right now…
    God bless the sweet men in our lives : )

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    1. I have no idea what a Kraft dinner is… I was simply trying to avoid being click-baity in my title. Such blogging modesty!

      Happy to talk shoulders (I owe you an email anyway), I just didn’t want to write a super-boring post. But I’m sorry to hear your shoulder’s still not happy. Hopefully we’ll both be improved by the time we can compare scapula positions in the flesh as it were….? 🙂 🙂

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      1. Good that you have never met Kraft Dinner. It is a pre-packaged mac and cheese that is incredibly unhealthily crammed with sodium and bright orange cheesy powdery stuff. It is super quick to make and kids who are exposed to it quickly develop an addiction! A North American phenomenon I guess, luckily for you!

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