Do I care to share?

yoga heartI try not to be evangelical about yoga, despite how passionately I feel about it. It’s too easy to assume you know best what might help other people — or indeed that they want any kind of help or relief. Suffering of all sorts is complex. And there’s some martyr tendency in all of us that keeps us clinging to suffering. The only way out, I think, is through yourself. You’ve got to want to help yourself, and be committed to that at a very deep level.

I’m coming round to understanding that saying of when the student is ready, the teacher appears. It’s about being ready for change in your very core. When you’re truly ready for something, you’ve already figured out how to do it even if your head can’t quite articulate it. The inner guru maybe, if I’m trying to put it yogically?

So I’ve vowed not to impose my beliefs on those around me. They are all bright folk. They can figure out what they need by themselves. They all have their inner guru.

helping-hands…Or perhaps I could give just the merest suggestion that might inspire them to start listening… Or I could offer to show them some simple stretches that might help those tense shoulders, that aching back? We could just breath quietly a few moments together and calm our racing thoughts? Or we could challenge ourselves more and explore our sense of confidence and self-love? We could laugh and love life together in a shared moment of en-lightenment…

Ah… Every time I think I have no experience and no knowledge to offer and that YTT is some ridiculous fantasy, feelings like these come and trip me up.



2 thoughts on “Do I care to share?

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you on the fact that the only way out is through yourself and that one has to be connected with it on a deep level, I think that’s the only way to become fully connected with oneself and go forward! Absolutely beautifully written! xx

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