The hunt for ethical yoga pants

It comes to all of us doesn’t it: that moment when you start evaluating your yoga clothes not so much for how they make your butt look but for what impact their production has on the environment.

I’m not claiming any particularly high morals here, but there is something a bit iffy about going to yoga class and hopefully tuning in a bit to the yamas and niyamas but all the while wearing some sweat-shopped, ecological disaster of an outfit. Or worse, a different one every week.

When I was last in Australia I picked up some gear that had eco-credentials to satsify me, but now I need some more (just in case, say, I had a sweaty intensive lined up for the summer). But the pound is weak right now, I hate the import tax, and I can’t persuade my mother-in-law to bring a parcel with her when she comes over in the summer.


So I’ve looked for a home-grown alternative to my beloved Hipwidth. And I’ve come up with Asquith for some no-nonsense black leggings. They seem pretty sound. And my butt doesn’t look bad in them either! 😉 Though they are clearly designed for a longer-legged yogini (more heron than babycrow). Oh well, I can roll with that — though it means I miss out on the cute moon(?) pattern on the cuff. I’ll test drive them tomorrow.



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