Greeting the sun

Morning practice: a single slow sun salute. A breath in each āsana. That is all.

So this will never turn me into an āsana champion, but it generated a spontaneous giggle from me and that’s all I need.

tuplips.JPGA giggle at how stiff and sore and tired my body is after just a couple of days of limited practice.

A giggle at how awkward the transitions between these shapes are today.

A giggle at how the mind tried to trick me and tell me I didn’t want to/couldn’t do this.

A giggle at how the body was more convincing. The body generated the giggle, even if the mind is still feeling grouchy and down on the world.

This one small sequence of movements will carry me into my day.

And hopefully I’ll also make it to class later for a slightly more fancy practice! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Greeting the sun

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  1. I love the mornings when home practice causes joy to bubble up inside me and I giggle my way through. That little bit of mirth is worth far more than serious and studied perfection.

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