Yoga BC

It’s quite a relief to be in British Columbia now, where I can happily speak English, with none of the confusion of bilingual Québec Province where I always felt I was speaking the wrong language, no matter how I played it. Here my sister in law took me to class at her local studio, shame-facedly confessing to me she hasn’t done yoga in months. I think I was her motivation. Well, maybe me plus the obligatory trip to Lululemon for some new yoga outfits! We bought matching leggings <groan!>.

We saw seals on the way to class which was definitely a ‘yoga first’ for me!

The studio was in a beautiful location, with views out over the harbour, all sparkly water and white yachts. I took my fill of the view before class started. imageI’m learning that visiting a new studio is an interesting experience all round — to see what facilities they offer, how friendly the reception is, how the teacher handles a drop-in foreign yogini and so on, as well as the style of teaching in the class. The teacher here didn’t ask about my background or injuries despite me introducing myself before class. Oops! But class was pretty nice, with some interesting variations on poses that kept me well entertained — and well stretched. I made some nerdy notes afterwards of shapes I wanted to revisit in my own time.

It was interesting hearing my sister in law’s take on class also, as a ‘normal’ attendee, without a teacher’s over-analytical mind. She seemed to like class, commenting that there was enough space in the cuing to enable some exploration, that there wasn’t too much weird spiritual stuff or esoteric cues about heart-spaces and so on, and that the teacher was welcomely silent during Savasana. So that’s what the regular punters want?!




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    1. Ha, yes, I had the same kind of reaction!
      But remember your students are either really great at humouring you or they wouldn’t come back if they didn’t like what you offered.


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