Lamp Posts and Bus Stops

NarniaI gave a mini-English lesson this evening as I waited for the bus home. I always have interesting moments at this bus stop after yoga class. Is it the bus stop? Maybe it’s like the lamppost in Narnia — where meetings happen! No, it’s probably more likely another curious side-effect of yoga. Maybe somehow I give off a more open vibe that encourages people to talk to me.

The other week a girl insisted that I shelter under her umbrella, so we stood pressed up close, out of the pouring rain. I was seriously stinky after class, so this was very nice of her!

bus stop signTonight I got talking to a Hungarian who repeated every sentence I said. She definitely understood, but she wanted to practice some new words and seemed to enjoy the orality of the lesson. I showed her my Devanāgarī worksheets that I was carrying and told her about learning Sanskrit. It turns out she has a good friend in Hungary who speaks Sanskrit and teaches Yoga Nidrā.

The small world of yoga! It fitted quite nicely with the theme in class tonight about the value of family, including our yoga ‘family’.

Since I was in company at the bus stop I kept my shoes on this time though!

2 thoughts on “Lamp Posts and Bus Stops

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  1. 😊 Shoes on… Such a happy post (no play on your title)
    Yoga has changed me like that too, I guess that’s probably maitri(friendliness) at play. Although I would be curious and interested, I was quite reserved in letting connections happen. Instead I’d just make imaginary conversations in my head.

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