Knitting up the ravelled sleeve

My favourite cardigan has a huge hole in one elbow.  I guess it’s the arm I lean on the table when I’m thinking. Part of my habitual asymmetry. It’s just the cardie that I wear at home, but it’s soft and snuggly and perfect for private times. My family urge me to throw my beloved cardie away and get a new one. But I don’t want to. Not only is it my favourite, all cosy and cashmere-y, but it’s just a hole and it’s not as though I wear it out ever. I don’t like the idea of throwing it out only to buy a new garment.

So on a day when I’ve been mostly dozing and gently restoring my body from which I’ve been demanding too much recently, I also thought I’d do some restoration work on my cardie.

cardiganOh, I can’t find the darning wool that I know we have! So I’ve done my best and just sewn the hole up — and with slightly the wrong colour too! It needs more than this first aid, I can see: the wool is very thin all around and this isn’t going to do much more than stop my elbow showing through for a week or so — if that. But I could buy some wool next time I’m out and about, and see if I can perform some surgery that will prolong my cardie’s life.

It’s my small gesture to non-consumerism at this time of year!

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