My husband wants to move. Our place is quite small, a two bedroom apartment — or you could say it’s a one bed apartment with a yoga room ๐Ÿ™‚ After two years of working from home in a space small enough that we can hear every detail of each other’s meetings and phone calls, he would understandably welcome a bit more space.

But reality bites: we can’t afford to move to a larger property anywhere we’d actually like to live and which suits us working in two different cities.

Plan B: some serious decluttering and new furniture choices to create at least the feeling of more space and give everything a bit of a re-fresh. We’re part way through the process now. I have a new desk and shelving in the yoga room-cum-home office and some smart matching furniture is creating a lovely feeling of calm in the bedroom. The contents of our wardrobes has been reduced which is largely invisible but makes life easier in small ways every day. I’ve done a lot of recycling, given away as much as I can to charity and to neighbours via our community group. It’s so great to know that items we’ve loved have gone to a new home. I feel very privileged that I can afford to throw stuff out.

Some things have been difficult to say goodbye to as they have sentimental value and lots of memories attached. But they belong to a different phase of life and it’s right to let some of that go. This table is proving particularly hard. I remember buying it so well. It was from a local charity shop, an animal shelter as I recall. We got it slightly cheap as we didn’t have enough cash but they wanted to shift it before closing. The shop worker was really worried about how we were going to carry it home. I was too. Back then I was nursing a chronic rotator cuff injury! But I fell in love with it and we could actually afford it at a time when we had very little money.

Anyhow I’m rehoming it this weekend — so if you know me and live locally and want a lovely handmade gate-leg table, get in touch ๐Ÿ™‚

As always yoga and life intermingle and I’ve found myself drawn to declutter other aspects of my life, using my yoga practice as a medium for exploration and examination. If the attachment to a table feels strong, that’s nothing compared to the habitual thoughts patterns, reactions and judgments that I’m trying to clean up. They run deep for sure. And, like my wardrobe contents, the more I poke around, the more I find that needs attention. The dissimilarity is that I think my mental clutter will take more than a couple of weekends of hard work…

But I’m hopeful. I had an afternoon of excruciating self-awareness with my yoga teacher last week, where he patiently encouraged me to verbalise a lot of stuff I’ve been hiding in dark corners for far too long. His quiet kindness was irresistible and I have been feeling lighter ever since. I can’t help wishing I had done this years ago. But I wasn’t ready then; I wasn’t strong enough or courageous enough to look closely and not turn away. The ability to stay with difficulties is an underrated side effect of a regular yoga practice — not as exciting as more flexible hamstrings but infinitely more valuable in the long run ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. A beautifully authentic sharing of a process that we all need to face. I look inside and wonder, what’s gunking up the flow of the Divine through me? Most of it I can’t even perceive yet through the fog of avidya…

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  2. moving is a great time to look through what you have and declutter. i can understand how those sentimental items could be difficult to let go of but if you aren’t using them, i’m sure you’d feel better if they went to a better home. ๐Ÿ™‚


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