Making room for yoga

This is how our dining table looks. On a good day! It’s pretty neat and organised, right? I mean you can see we have a table underneath the spread of books and laptop! Each evening I clear a thin slice free of books at one end so we can eat. Except, that is, on evenings when I go to class and Hubby eats on the sofa watching TV and when I get home late I eat his left-overs seated on the floor: I’m too hungry to wait until I’ve showered but I’m too sweaty for him to allow me to sit on any furniture 🙂 No one ever warned me yoga would be like this! More to the point, no one warned poor Hubby!

Apart from the books on the table that are whatever I’m studying at the time, there are also various piles of yoga books by the sofa. These seem to be mostly about anatomy. Clearly I need to be sitting comfortably for this kind of reading. There’s another pile by the bed, here mostly philosophy and mythology, alongside a cascade of half-written essays and articles, notes and teaching plans. I do have a small work table in the bedroom, but it’s piled high with so much stuff that using the dining table seems the only option if I want a flat surface for writing or typing! 

And reading aside, I do actually practise āsana too! In fact every room seems to have a block, folded blanket or bolster left somewhere handy for those sudden seated-pose moments! 🙂 And when I do a really leisurely practice I usually move some furniture around to create more space — and perhaps I need to clear a bit of a wall too… And I confess sometimes I might just forget to roll the mat back up or sort the furniture back into its proper place immediately… 

So Hubby’s started to complain that he feels he’s living half in a yoga studio and half in some esoteric corner of the library. But you know what? Instead of ranting at me to be more organised, less cluttered, he suggested that we rearrange our living space so that I can have the spare room to use as a yoga room. It’s currently not ‘spare’ at all — it’s his office/study. So this is an incredibly magnanimous gesture on his part. I’m bowled over by his generosity (and hoping it’s more generosity than frustration!).

And so we’ve just done it! We’ve just rearranged furniture, got rid of an epic amount of stuff between us, swapped around the contents of the bookshelves… and now I have a yoga room! All my books, more mats that I actually knew I had (in double figures — but that does include teaching mats so I think this is entirely proportionate!), props and stuff, as well as my harmonium and my laptop all have a new home. It’s amazing!!!! Other than keeping clear passage from the door so that Hubby can get to the wardrobe where his work suits hang and having to host some drying laundry sometimes, I have this space all to myself. 

Yes, I am really embarrassed that he felt this was the only solution, yes of course I feel I don’t deserve this space… But also, yes, I am loving it! And I’m having to take care that I do emerge occasionally and spend sometime with my generous beloved. And gosh the apartment overall is much tidier now! 

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  1. He’s such a sweetheart. And, yes, you *do* deserve it! (He clearly recognizes that!) Enjoy the new space : ) I was sooo excited to finally have my own practice space once enough kids had moved on and out of the house! It’s such a blessing to have a dedicated space for practice. (And to have a husband who makes it possible!)

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    1. 😀all the rooms in my house have yoga spilling out, including the kitchen at times! A brick is the latest to prop while cooking😂 . Lovely that you have a spare room to devote to yoga and a generous partner. Would love to see your titles…

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    2. Yes, he is a total sweetheart!! The funny thing is really that I think we’ve *both* spent some proper quality time in this space since we sorted it out. It gets the morning sun so sometimes we just sit on the floor together enjoying a cup of coffee and we did our practice at the same time the other day, just mats side by side, kind of ignoring each other but kind of together. Not sure how much he enjoyed me chanting during his savasana, but overall it was really lovely.

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