babycrowyoga hits the newsstands!

omcoverI am super-excited to have a small piece in omyoga magazine this month! Brace yourself, regular readers — it’s about my hamstring! It’s a bit of a whimsical piece written in the style of a love letter, but there’s an underlying serious message about how we treat our bodies (or how our ego perceives our body) and how asana practice fits in the wider richness of life.

Hubby said it brought tears to his eyes. Yes, he’s lived with my hamstring a while too. My pain is his pain…

ompageIf you’d like to read the whole magazine you can buy a digital version from here, or it’s available in print (I checked my local newsagent to be sure it’s on sale already — and yes, I was immodestly excited to see it on the shelf!). Here’s how it looks in print (forgive the artwork which isn’t quite anatomically correct).

I wanted to share the published copy with you here. I hope you like it:

Dear right proximal hamstring tendon,

We go back a long way, don’t we, you and me? But I don’t feel as though I really got to know you until recently. In the past I just used you and took you for granted. I can see now how wrong that was. I’m only sorry that I didn’t notice the messages you were giving me sooner, so that you didn’t need to do something as drastic as you did that hurt us both.

And I’ve learned from this, really I have. I promise I won’t treat you this way again. It’s been a bit of a wake-up call, you backing out on me and not being there for me whenever I wanted you. Sure, I tried to carry on asana practice without you, but it’s just not the same. So I’m glad we’ve taken a break recently. I think we needed some space.

I’ve done a lot of thinking over these past three months, and I can see things from your point of view more clearly. I see now that what I thought was just a lot of fun actually wasn’t much fun at all for you. But I did honestly think you were enjoying it. We worked together so amazingly in Virabhadrasana 2 and in Vrksasana, didn’t we, back in the beginning, before it all went wrong? You were awesome! You made me look awesome too! I probably never told you enough then how much I love you.

And you were always there for me in Virabhadrasana 3, quietly supporting me and not complaining. You were everything to me, and I simply didn’t appreciate it. Instead I just pushed and pushed, even though I could tell you weren’t really that comfortable in the end. All those times I tried to get you to go further in Uttanasana and Paschimottanasana, and the way I shouted over you in Janu Sirsasana. I was too demanding, I see that now. I should have been more patient, I should have known you weren’t ready, and I should have realised that you were more important to me than any of this stuff. We’re enough for each other; we will always be together. And it doesn’t matter what other people think about us.

Sure fancy asana practice is nice, but it’s not nearly as good as having you there with me every day just doing our regular things – jumping out of bed in the morning, that silly little run you used to do so we didn’t miss the bus, and those times we hopped around together in the fitting room when I was trying on jeans. I miss all that. Can we do that again sometime soon?

And then when you’re ready we could maybe do some yoga together too? Only this time I’ll listen, properly listen to you, and you can tell me when you’ve had enough. We can just hang out in Balasana as much as you need to.

Well, I guess that’s all I have to say… See how you feel: I’ll be here waiting.

With all my love to you, dearest right proximal hamstring tendon. I love you! xxx

10 thoughts on “babycrowyoga hits the newsstands!

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  1. Heart-warming… Very well done! I have the feeling this article will be the first of many. Thank you for sharing yourself – and your talents – with us all x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s really kind of you, J25. Thank you for the encouragement — very much appreciated. And thank you for continuing to read and comment. x


  2. Huge congratulations baby crow!!! Your writing is so beautiful and eloquently expressed that I am not surprised at all that magazines want to showcase it. The article is so lovely, I feel like it is a very tender and loving message to your hamstring and you can hear how far you’ve come in your journey. So happy for you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much kyr! I’m glad you liked it. I had a lot of fun writing it, and I actually still enjoy reading myself. Is that narcissistic? it reminds me of an important lesson.


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