Food on the go

Readers who know me in real life often ask me about what I’m eating now. I’ve written now and then about the shifts in eating habits that are occurring, and I know this intrigues them (as well as making socialising a little more difficult!). In the last 18 months I’ve gone from being staunchly omnivore, through flexitarian (omnivore diet but more conscious choices based on a variety of ethical and nutritional values) into pescatarian, with increasingly vegetarian tendencies.

I’m still baffled by these changes that have arisen unbidden and I amuse myself by watching how my reactions to foodstuffs are shifting despite me not wanting them to. I literally cannot stomach meat now; fish is sitting on the borders of acceptability. Ethical and ecological concerns creep in, but I’m sticking with eating fish for as long as I can simply because I’m not convinced I can yet feed myself properly without it. imageThe amount in my diet has been naturally reducing though…

Or it had been until the recent family holiday in Hawai’i. I think the family must think ‘pescetarian’ means ‘exclusively fish-eating’ since we seemed not to be able to have a meal cooked without it. Plus the restaurants that were chosen for us had a dearth of veggie options — only ever one dish offered and it always involved (impossible for me) tofu. Of course in Hawai’i there is no problem getting local fish that is caught in season, so it is at least a more sustainable way of living. And there’s always the wonderful mango sorbet (with the bonus of being sugar- and dairy-free if you care about that).

And American airports and airport hotels?! Well I found thin pickings once I’d side-stepped the burgers and vast array of sandwiches and salads that all contained bacon and/or chicken. I never realised how difficult eating away from home could become. How do ‘real’ vegetarians, let alone vegans, ever cope for any length of time? Serious question if anyone feels like leaving a comment — I clearly have much to learn!image

Now home and jet lagged and cold, after a morning nap we crawled out of the house (with its depressingly empty fridge) to have a light lunch out. Chicory and kale soup has never sounded, or tasted, so good!

Now I am curiously (slightly nervously) wondering what further changes 2017 will see. Earlier this year I got really irritated by someone describing me as ‘pre-vegan’, as if that’s the ultimate goal of every yogi. I still don’t believe it is or should be, but yoga is teaching me not to rule anything out. And it’s teaching me that I don’t necessarily get to decide what happens anyway.

So if you’ve already booked a dinner date with me next year, consider this fair warning. 🙂

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  1. I’ve been lacto-vegetarian for 30+ years, and eating out is much better than it used to be. But still, eating on the fly is a pain, and so often it’s what available, not what you might want to eat. The choice is usually a cheese sandwich, so if you aren’t eating cheese either… My top tips: M&S do a small tray of veggie sushi; Eat do a vegetable broth with (ok, soggy) dumplings; Mexican places will usually do some kind of bean burrito. I’ve usually got a Nakd bar with me at all times, in a pinch they’ll stave off hunger for long enough to get to your next decent meal and they aren’t packed with junk!

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    1. thanks so much for the tips about UK food to go! Nakd bars are already my best friend (plus my own homemade version!). I’m sure things have improved on the veggie front, just as UK now does OK coffee!! 🙂 so there are benefits on coming late to the vegetarian party!


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