Graduation day!

guru feet.jpgI didn’t know whether I should go for a traditional foot-kissing routine with my teacher… It would have best shown how I felt. But he’s so not the guru type (fortunately 🙂 ). So instead I followed the protocol of a quick cheek press as I received my TT certificate yesterday.

I always thought TT would be difficult. When I started I was really unsure that I was physically able to manage an intensive course (would I have the energy, would my body be able to do so much movement each day); I wasn’t sure I actually wanted to teach; and I doubted that I had enough yoga experience to participate in the learning.

All of these concerns ebbed and flowed during the course, together with a host of worries and difficulties that I hadn’t anticipated. And, yes, there were a whole load of amazing highs and wondrous experiences that also peaked and flowed during this time. I guess that’s just how yoga intensives are.

And now that it’s over I’m filled with more admiration for my teacher than ever. Not only for his current teaching abilities, not just for his thoughtful training and his handling of 101 petty girly concerns each day (and a couple of epic meltdowns…), but I’m also astounded by his stories of early teaching experiences and his sharing something of his own teaching journey. I hadn’t thought of teaching also as a practice, to be developed and nurtured every bit as much as one’s own yoga practice. And he looks so perfected now it’s been eye-opening to consider that evolution, and how it goes on.

my beautiful graduation māla beads

So if I too am going to teach, it’s now that the real work is going to begin, right? I’m already wondering are there enough hours in the day. I might need to do some re-prioritizing. How much sleep do I really need? Ha, overtime at work has dropped a good few places on my list of appropriate ways to spend time!!

And although I feel hopelessly inadequate to the task, I’m heartened by this notion that teaching too is a practice. I don’t need to be amazing now. I just need to offer what I can. “Start from where you are.”

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