Back to earth without a bump

Back to work today after 2 long weekends of Yoga Teacher Training and a bit of holiday between times. I wasn’t looking forward to this very much. Last night my head was full to bursting with new ideas and facts after fours days of philosophy and anatomy study; today it was all meetings and a very generous inbox to sift through.

My boss jokes that the holiday spirit only lasts until about 10am when the reality of the job kicks in again. But no, it wasn’t like that. Or not yet, at least….

watch your thoughts quote.jpgAt the weekend I was a bit blown away (as well as confused and skeptical) about the applied kinesiology we explored in Yoga TT… but one thing I am convinced by (empirically) is the power of our thoughts and words to affect our energy and that of those around us. So since I’m buzzy at the moment I wanted to share my positive energy with those around me and I glided happily through the day. In each business interaction I tried to recognise the good work that had been done while I’ve been away and the efforts that went into that (even if the outcomes weren’t always quite what I’d wanted 🙂 ) and to take some time to acknowledge the person behind the work — whether they’re my reports, my equals, or my boss.

My formal meetings went well. And I handled the real fire alarm at lunchtime (for which I was a fire warden) with most of the staff following my evacuation instructions despite the fact I wasn’t officially dressed in my hi-vis vest! The power of an authoritative voice and being a bit less shy about using it!

Then onto a colleague’s leaving do and a cheeky glass of fizz. She’s leaving for difficult personal circumstances so this was a tricky farewell but I did my best to voice the appreciation I have had for her work. kolonaki-square-cafe-restaurants

Hubby called in the afternoon from the Embassy in Athens telling me he’s almost homeward-bound now after some difficulties. He was in touch just to ask me how to fill in his hours until his evening flight; he was simply too tired to think straight! I recommended food and water (and maybe a final Greek coffee) and a rest somewhere safe and familiar — he ended up in one of our favourite cafes from when we lived in Athens in a good part of town. Then finally at the end of the day there was catching up with a fellow student teacher, arranging some practice time together later in the week and listening to her frustrations about her job.

OK, so the real work isn’t biting yet on day 1 back at the office, but I wonder if I can keep up the positive energy more than usual. Great things might come from this. Or even small things. And that would be good too.

Best moment: my project manager gave me a big spontaneous hug when she saw me. My colleagues in the main are definitely not hugging types so this was very much from her heart and very welcome to me after 4 days with expressive yogis who wear their hearts on their sleeves more than than ‘the suits’ at work do! It’s been a strange change of emotional gear.

I’m deliberately not overthinking the power of positive thoughts concept. I’m not going to make world peace this way, but positive thinking never did anyone any harm and I’m too prone the other way. Why not try a change? Anything’s possible!

Hoping you’ve had a good day; if not, I’ve positivity to spare — and share!

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  1. Ahh.. I can related (also currently training) I come away with such positivity and energy… I absolutely love being immersed in Yoga… and what better way to peace in and around us than kindness, kindness and more kindness… Rome wasn’t built in a day after all!

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