Giving it up, gladly

I’ve been having more fun with my āsana practice the last few classes I’ve been to. How does this sometimes occur and other times I make a meal out of the simplest practice? Is it setting an intention to be more focussed on joy? Is it keeping the practice lighter and deliberately having fun in the shallows rather than looking for depth? Is it that I’m gaining confidence in what my hamstring needs and feeling it in each pose rather than worrying about it?

A little of all of these things.

Plus I’ve recently swallowed a rather unpleasant managerial frog at work and am feeling consequently lighter.

So I texted Hubby on the way home after class last week, selfishly wanting to let him know that I was feeling more peaceful than I have in ages and would welcome a quiet return home, not to be greeted by a barrage of domestic trivialities and grumblings about his working day. You know how it can be…

My phone rang immediately. Hubby calling, with grave news of a dear old friend of mine. So my quiet return home was to find an undisturbed corner and call my friend and do what I could to calm him, reassure him, and listen to all his fears and pains and anguish.

I gave my peace away gladly. Because really what’s that worth if it’s not to share?

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु


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