A wound that was left untended for years festers out of sight, pus-filled and infected. One day you unwittingly prod at it and find you take some strange pleasure in the discomfort, in really feeling the hurt as you probe how deep it runs.

It opens up, spills out a little — and it’s messy.

But there’s some relief in this.

Dress it again now tenderly. It remains, waiting to be cleansed one day.

Meantime alcohol is good for cleansing wounds, right?

2 thoughts on “Catharsis

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    1. Thanks yogibattle, yes — okay enough for today. The perils of a ‘publish now’ button! I had a ‘bad trip’ in class last night that brought up a lot of stuff from the depths. A good thing in the longer term, but in the immediate moment just too much to confront. I can breathe and ride the emotional waves only so far.

      This yoga is one powerful practice. Grateful for that, just a bit bruised.

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