The advent of selfish behaviour

This is not a rant about Black Friday, though it could be. Nor about Cyber Monday, though it should be. It’s not even about Giving Tuesday though this final one incensed me so much I unleashed a full-on rant to colleagues when one of them told me about it. Are we so collectively rubbish on 364 days of the year that we need to be told to be charitable on just one?

But I’m in danger of ranting again. When actually I’ve been thinking of late a little about seasonal selfishness at home. A colleague of mine told me that she and her partner had to have individual advent calendars because otherwise whoever got up first each day would eat the chocolate! There are so many weird things about this, I’m not going to comment.

advent stockings.JPGBut I had been heartened in a past year when a German friend introduced me to the idea of empty advent calendars into which she and her hubby introduced gifts for one another on alternate days. I liked this idea a lot, and Hubby and I have this year been leaving small items or little notes for one another in our line of advent stockings.

Today I got something that didn’t quite fit into the stocking: a copy of the weekend Le Monde newspaper. Hubby knows I like to pretend to practice my French! Thank you Hubby! le monde.JPG



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