Gladly home

theres no place like homeI’m home now, back in my space. I’m happy to be here, but my heart aches for my family left behind after Christmas.

My body aches too after some days of a different routine — strange bed, different food, activity (or the lack thereof) and so on…

Now I have the luxury of some days of holiday, a staycation. While Hubby will be working from home, I have some writing to do, some Sanskrit to learn before classes start up again, some domestic chores to discharge — not least learning some new veggie recipes that will also satisfy Hubby.

But also I’m determined in these days left of the holiday to give something to myself — some small indulgences, some time to myself, some rest. Yoga has been teaching me this steadily — how to be my own best friend and greatest ally, rather than the most punishing enemy.

There’s time yet for new year’s resolutions and looking forward with plans and aspirations.

But now is now, and the next few days are precious.


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  1. Truly no place like home! It’s funny how I feel like I’ve forgotten the choreography of everyday chores though. Just a week and I got used to a different routine.
    Enjoy the rest of your break.

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