The universe offers…

I was feeling glum on my walk in to work this morning. The weather didn’t help — the meteorological joke that is an English summer. It was low grey skies with a hint of rain. I had a definite hankering for Greece. For the climate, the landscape, the hospitality of people. For endless frappés (Greek iced coffee), the scent of pine trees, the welcoming coolness of dusk after long hot days. All this is real summertime, not long days behind a desk with spreadsheets, and project mandates. I’m not workshy, but sometimes I think my heart is Mediterranean, whatever my passport says, and that England doesn’t quite suit me.

But the Universe offered me some help!

It turned out to be ‘Greek day’ in the cafeteria at work!

greeklunchSo I got a lovely Greek style lunch, even if I ate it al desko: spanakopittes (spinach in filo), gigantes (giant baked beans with artichokes), and Greek salad. Yum!

And you guessed it, I didn’t even look once (let alone twice) at the Moussaka option. It used to be my fave… what happened??

And then later on I put some of my fave Greek music on my earphones during the afternoon session of development planning. It’s not exactly uplifting, but it is very beautiful (bear with it, there’s a long intro):

My thoughts are with Greece as much as in Greece at the moment. So much of Greek music I think is about yearning and loss, about homeland and exile, topics provoked by the various population movements and economic migrations through history — and this seems as relevant today as ever.

Χαΐνηδες: Θάλασσα πικροθάλασσα / Chaϊnides: “Sea so bitter and harsh”

Deep in my heart and soul
pain I always hide
and my eyes I turn away
like a child I cry.

O Lord, how mysterious
our own fatherlands are
and our songs my be grieved
but people always laugh.

Won’t you close your eyes and
let me call you sea
just for this very night ’cause
the last one it can be.

Sea so bitter and harsh
I’ll come back one night
my body and soul I’ll place
on your waves to lie.

Εγώ στα φύλλα της καρδιάς
κρύβω βαθιά τον πόνο
στρέφω το βλέμμα μη με δουν
και σαν παιδί βουρκώνω

Θε μου πόσο παράξενοι
είν’ οι δικοί μας τόποι
θλιμένα τα τραγούδια μας
και γελαστοί οι αθρώποι

Κλείσε τα μάτια κι άσε με
θάλασσα να σε λέω
τούτο το βράδυ που μπορεί
νά ‘ναι το τελευταίο

Θάλασσα πικροθάλασσα
μιά νύχτα θα γυρίσω
κι ένα κορμί και μιά καρδιά
στο κύμα σου θ’ αφήσω

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  1. How cool is it that it was Greek food day in your cafeteria! I find that the more I open my heart up to the universe, the more this type of serendipitous synchronicity happens… Thank you for sharing this and the beautiful song lyrics. I have never been to Greece… but listening to music takes me there in my mind. Have you ever listened to Mykonos by Fleet Foxes?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice, thanks k8, I’d never heard of them before. i loved the video too!
      Yes it was a nice coincidence — and it really helped me wake up and turn my day round. Sometimes a serendipitous nudge in the right directions helps


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