Goodbye Nutella — it was nice knowing you

It was a landmark moment a few weeks ago when I finally threw out the half-eaten jar of Nutella in the kitchen cupboard. I can’t remember when I last ate it; I’ve long favoured this bizarre paste made with brazilnuts and cocoa. It tastes a bit earthy, like some long-lost, slightly grizzled distant relation to Nutella, from a more wholesome generation before (or, in fact, after) the ubiquity of sucrose and E numbers. But even so I’ve been kind of clinging onto my jar of Nutella as a tangible link with my eating past. With that time when I was more innocent and would happily chow down on something that pinged out of the microwave in 3 and a half minutes. The time when convenience and the need for simple fuel to get me through my day were more important than organic, fresh, and local.

imageThe food I eat is much simpler now, but life is much more complicated. I’m learning from scratch what it suits me to eat (with ‘suits’ meaning want/need/like…). And because of that I’m having to learn from scratch how to cook this different kind of food. That’s quite enough of a challenge (and with Hubby to consider too), but I have a sneaky suspicion my food preferences are still evolving. When I last wrote about food, I was still happily eating meat. Now I don’t. Or can’t? I don’t know how strongly I feel about it. I have to say purely biologically I still don’t accept the superiority of vegetarian or vegan diets. I think you just have to look at our dental structure to see we’re designed to be omnivorous. But this intellectual argument doesn’t wash any more. I just don’t enjoy meat any longer. Though I will admit to slight cravings for parma ham…

But thankfully (for now at least) I still feel like eating fish. I’m actually hoping this phase lasts a long time… I can cook fish, I can cook fish for other people, other people can cook fish for me. Fish is the lifeline that allows me to participate in social life as I know it with friends and family.

It’s not that I’m wholly resistant to change. Though sometimes I wish there weren’t so many changes on so many fronts happening so quickly…

And the upcoming challenge is a week with my parents. I can feel myself regressing back into moody teenager mode, since I predict we’re going to come into conflict between what I want to cook and eat and what their habitual expectations are. I can almost hear myself petulantly shouting “oh, it’s so unfair; you just don’t understand” possibly followed up with a banging door as I bolt from the dining room to throw myself dramatically down on the bed crying…

Or I could try to handle the situation with tact and grace.

Either way I’ll let you know!

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Nutella — it was nice knowing you

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    1. I’m not sure I deserve any congratulations since I didn’t set out to achieve anything and I don’t think I’ve done anything. Except perhaps for finding a better way of understanding my body and what it wants. I’m just being dragged along helplessly…


  1. Your post just makes me 🙂
    I too lost the desire to eat meat – yet I still love fish…. It is easier to abstain now that I reside in NM, but BOY when I head back “Home” to the Pac NW, I fully intend to make fish my main staple. Sushi here is far better than I thought it would be, but I am still smacking my lips thinking about sushi in WA.

    Blessings lady.


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