Sore in patches

When I got home after my extended arm-balancing playtime in class the other night I was scrutinised by Hubby. “Did you do a lot of crow today?” he asked me. How can he tell? Do I have a particular post-Bakasana look? No, it turned out he’d caught sight of bruises on my arms! And a friction burn just above one elbow! So clearly I’m a heavy crow!

crow bruises.JPGI tried to defend myself, telling him that we were experimenting with different heights of crow, building strength, learning to use the breath. I told him excitedly about filling the back with breath and about how I’d been working my knees right up into my armpits for more lift… Or not!! Because the position of the bruises on my arms told a different story!

He insisted on a photo, he found this so funny! I don’t think yoga journal will be calling me up anytime soon as their next cover model!! But this is real.

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