New nest

office view.jpgI’ve just moved into a new office at work. Still sharing — and in a slightly cosier-sized room than previously, but the environment overall is much more babycrow-friendly, so this is very OK. For a start I’ve swapped a slightly uninspiring rooftop view for a beautiful tree view. And if you look closely you’ll see there’s even a crow’s nest in the tree! Plus I get more sunlight on this side of the building and that is definitely A Good Thing for my personal happiness levels and therefore my professional productivity!

And now that I’m no longer in a glass-sided goldfish bowl of an office but have solid, not see-through walls, the never-sleeping yogini part of my brain starting wondering if it might be worth keeping a yoga mat at work. You know, for those days (when the boss isn’t in, obvs!) when you really want a good stretch out. It might be the one thing that can really tempt me away from my desk for a midday break instead of working solidly through the day as I usually do…

143988718131173-New imageHmm, pity about that open door policy we’re meant to have though… I’m not sure my colleagues are ready to encounter me in Adho Mukha Śvānāsana! They’re already confused enough by my tendency to stand up during meetings as a break from so much sitting down. Somehow no-one takes up my invitation to stand up with me — maybe I should add ‘healthy lumbar spine’ to the top of each meeting agenda and do everyone a favour!


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