head vs heart


heart vs heart.jpgthe head tells me it has true understanding. it offers up endless sequences of thoughts, seductive in their logic. they fit together, they sound good and neat, so they must be true. they cohere. they adhere, sticking to me through the years. through thick and thin. the characterisation they offer must be how things really are. the head controls everything through categorising, ordering, and deconstructing. knowledge is power. the head dominates.

but the head grew complacent after a lifetime of unquestioned rule. it felt unassailable. there was no other way of being.

the heart laughs silently. patient and still, it waited. when the moment came it asserted itself, suddenly, powerfully, and with no warning. a heartfelt ambush. as ineluctable as it was gentle. it was after all at the core of my being, the very centre of me. unseen it had breached the head’s defences from the first moment in time.

it waited until the head had been rocked gently by vinyasa krama and soothed by a lullaby of pranava. then the heart burst out in a warm effulgence, an illumination. a small enlightenment. it burned brightly and briefly before the head extinguished its light, vomiting up a suffocating bile of pragmatism.

and now?

and now there is uncertainty.

quietude and humility.

a pause. a stalemate.

a fragile equilibrium.


and there is hope.




image source: http://www.lovethispic.com/image/131648/head-vs-heart



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