When stepping onto the mat is hard

You know those days when practicing is the last thing you feel like doing? And in your heart you know that you’ll feel better if you do, but your inner gremlin is trying to sabotage you? I’m sure it’s not just me, right!?

Yesterday was one of those days.

Hubby and I have both got a virus — cue sore throats, woolly heads, fatigue and general wobbliness. So I’d totally have forgiven myself for not doing any grand session on the mat, or any session at all. But virus symptoms also brought on a generally feeling sorry for myself state. And I know the best treatment for that symptom is focusing on something beyond myself.

wombat yogaI found that Hubby had organised some encouragement to get me on the mat in the form of this furry friend waiting for me to start my practice!

And once I’d started, practice ended up taking something over an hour, rather than the 5 minutes I’d have predicted.

And of course afterwards I felt so much better. Slightly self-satisfied, rather than sorry for myself! It might not have been my most profound practice, but as I sat afterwards I felt very grateful that I now have yoga as a resource — for wellbeing as yesterday, or on other days just for the joy of it, or one day maybe for ultimate enlightenment…

6 thoughts on “When stepping onto the mat is hard

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  1. A cold virus has been making its way through our household too. I feel like like I’m finally at the tail end of mine… I haven’t been able to do any pranayama practice for about a week now! It’s different being a mouth-breather ; ]
    Wishing all fellow sufferers recuperative rest : )

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    1. Glad you’re feeling a bit better now k8 (and the family too?). Maybe the change to your practice is a good thing in the long run? it’ll seem such a luxury when you return to normal


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