Bio-geometry? Is that a word?

My teacher often asks us to feel this kind of thing in āsana: “feel the connection between your heel and the crown of your head” and so on. Energetic connection that is, not pretzel shapes with your foot behind your head! I think the idea is to find some structural integrity, so that your whole being is united within the pose, no distractions from limbs flopping about uselessly, feeling alignment from the inside out. Maybe there’s something about cakras — who knows!

And I thought I got it. I certainly could imagine, but that was more in my brain than my body.

Now this week I had a tiny epiphany in Pārśvakoṇāsana (Side angle) after some mini-revelations a few weeks agoparsvakonasana More weight into the back foot (this is what I’m working on) created some kind of dynamic from foot through the hip right up to the top of my head.  I didn’t realise that this strength of connected-feeling existed. It was as though this line was the one strong part of my body, something like a guy-rope which held my whole body in place. It had a feeling of purity of form, some kind of bio-geometry where the shape of the pose and the anatomical structures that created it just came together perfectly!

I’m sure it didn’t look perfect, but for me this was a wow moment!

I wonder if other poses could come to feel like this? Or — more modestly — if this particular pose will feel like this again…?


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