Changing our view

Hmm, the whole lockdown-pandemic thing is starting to bore me a bit. I know I’m lucky to have made it through 4 months or so before beginning to feel like this… and only in a minor way even now! Hah, perhaps all that yoga practice really does ‘work’!

In UK it’s hard sometimes to believe the pandemic is still such a present risk given the way some people are behaving in pubs and restaurants and physically-close socialising. I don’t understand much about epidemiology but it seems as though our R rate hasn’t come down very much, so we are still taking things slowly and not going out and about very much. Is it habit, or fear, or a sensible precaution? I don’t know.

But we decided we should expand our horizons a little, and be a little more adventurous. We both took the week off work. Our jobs have been increasingly stressful and we are Tired (with a capital T). We’re both very grateful still be to be in employment, but we are also coming to realise that gratitude isn’t enough, that we need to look after ourselves a bit better.

In our week off we ventured away from home. Not for the three weeks in the Med that we had planned, but just two nights rather embarrassingly close to home. My mum joked we could have popped back home for dinner, but we reckoned even a small change of perspective would do us good. We stayed in a little wooden hut and lived simply (no zoom meetings at least!), spending the days walking and the evenings sitting quietly watching nature and preparing our food.

Back home we had our first coffee out! Hubby’s now fully on board with making me a soya latte at home, but it was a real treat to have coffee just delivered to our table in our old favourite café, made by someone else. A small thing, which felt like a huge adventure. How many more barista-made coffees before I take it for granted, I wonder?

I taught my first in person yoga class, with 5 students in a local park. It was a lovely English summer day, a little breezy, but blue skies and lush green trees around. Awesome setting for yoga! It felt at once the most natural thing in the world and simultaneously as though I had never done this before (a bit like any yoga teaching I guess!!). Zoom classes from home as usual next week will feel strange all over again now 🙂 The change will keep me on my toes, for sure!

To end the week we met up with a dear friend who lives locally. We sat in her garden for an hour or so, checking up on news, chatting and feeling almost normal.

I’m not expecting the overall situation to change anytime soon, but giving ourselves a bit more freedom this past week has given me a new perspective and a finer sense of my own risk-benefit formula for continuing as happily and healthily as I can.

lokāḥ samastāḥ sukhino bhavantu

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  1. This sounds like a simple and beautiful holiday.
    The pandemic is helping us all appreciate “local” more deeply, I believe.

    I taught my first in person class last night! It was a new adventure with my community center offering free classes on the cement pad of a roofed-in outdoor ice rink (no ice in the summer!).
    42 people turned out!! There were difficulties with hearing me, since we don’t have amplification, but I think it enhanced the focus of energy. It went well, and at the closing I was a bit overwhelmed with the feeling of being together once again.
    I said,
    “We are this!”
    meaning, we are connection, we are community – that’s our essence.
    Hari om!

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    1. Wow, that makes you a celebrity yoga teacher now in my book! 42 students!! I am sure it was wonderful experience for everyone. Truly I value so much the little interactions I have in physical world with people now. xx

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