Joie de vivre

“F*ck, man, look at her!”

I was on my way home last night after a long day of work plus yoga plus dinner with a friend. This guy was hanging around outside some bar and he shouted out at me as I walked past.

I was a bit suprised. I’m not really the head-turning type. I looked back over my shoulder at him, wondering what the story was.

“Look at that smile on her!” He and his companion both stared at me.
“Man, you are too happy” he said to me.
“Too happy? How can I be too happy?”
They continued staring at me.
“Isn’t happy always just happy enough? Why can’t we be always just happy enough?” Clearly I was in a philosophical mood.
“Hey, I like that!” his friend said.
And he smiled at me — just enough.

And truly I was really happy. Or rather I was feeling content and carefree. Light. I wasn’t positively happy about anything in particular, I had just let go of the usual burdensome feelings that plague me. The things, I guess, that weigh down the corners of my mouth and stop it turning into a smile. Maybe the natural position of my mouth is a smile. Imagine that!

In class my teacher often has us inhale to ‘let’ and exhale for ‘go’.

Let go. Let go. Let….go…..

Maybe it is that easy.

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