Plus one

So today was another sharing day, with my friend allowing me to guide her through a practice with me. We’ve not managed to get together for weeks so this was a real treat for me.

IMG_0563.JPGAnd it was awesome! I can only really say this from my own perspective (I had lots of fun!), but she looked so different when we’d finished — a gentle radiance and a calmer demeanour. If I helped her uncover that, then I’m amazed and pleased. The funny thing about teaching (like being a manger in my day job) is that you don’t get much feedback on what you’re doing and how it’s being received. You kind of have to find it implicitly in the results that appear. Yeah, I know yoga’s not about results, but you know….

What is really cool for me right now (pre teacher training) is seeing with my own eyes the transformation in a pose that comes about through cuing. It’s fascinating watching someone else’s body and how it takes the shapes. Similarities and differences with my own. And she’s such a great student. She trusts me and listens to what I’m saying and I couldn’t expect any nicer exploration of teaching than that!

She even indulged me introing the session by quoting Roosevelt and Buddha, via Marcus Aurelius and what I got up to this afternoon in the library. All of which related to yoga somehow, I’m sure!

Feeling grateful and joyful!

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