Beloved savasana

savasanaMy teacher sometimes refers to śavāsana as a ‘little death’ and I have to fight an immature giggle at what can only sound like a sexual metaphor to my ears. Funny in contrast that his referring to the breath as ‘the beloved’ simply sounds esoteric and rather pure! Because ‘bhakti’ isn’t from my native language I immediately imbue that concept with much higher ideals.

The metaphor of sex came up again when a friend of mine asked if my recent slightly ecstatic ‘Om experience’ was easily repeatable. Was it something I now yearned for? And if I did, would that make it happen again or the opposite? She leaned forward across the table where we were drinking coffee and mouthed at me “is it like an orgasm? when you give up trying, that’s the moment when… you know…?”

I’m not pushing the sex metaphor here. (Modern Western) Yoga has more than enough physical sex going on without my words adding to it. And actually the sex side of it isn’t the thing here. It’s the surrendering of one’s own wishes and desires and focussing one’s energies wholly on someone/thing else because you love them so much you willingly offer all that you have. In conjugal relationships that’s romantic love, in yoga it’s Īśvara Praṇidhāna. Right?

As Your lover,
all I’ve ever asked for is a glance.
If I could only breathe one breath
with the Beloved, that would
be enough.

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