Singing from the heart

I passed the Salvation Army band on my way back from yoga class. I love hearing them play. It’s about the one obviously religious charity I happily give to. I find their music very heartwarming — redolent of reassuringly old-fashioned values somehow. Maybe it’s the uniforms!

Today they were fronted by two young girls singing. Their singing was perfectly nice, but completely untrained. They were just two girls singing naturally. It was nothing special musically, but they were doing it anyway, offering up their voices in celebration of the season maybe or as a gift to passers-by, as an encouragement to give generously. Something of all of this no doubt.

I’ve been singing a bit myself this week. We had a lovely carols sing-song led by our choir at work earlier in the week. And I increasingly find myself singing a bit to myself in odd moments. I just feel very happy — it bubbles out like this! Again my singing is definitely of the ‘natural’ variety rather than being terribly in-tune. In fact it’s most often terribly out 0f tune!


In yoga class we chanted a bit more than usual. Not quite singing, but like the salvation army girls it’s an offering of our voices and of our hearts. My singing is like my āsana — it’s not always beautiful to behold but I try to do it with honesty, gratitude, and joy. In tune with myself at least!

And I just noticed that my wonderful studio has booked a kirtan singer early in the new year. Very excited!

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