He calls me Pesky

pescetarian2-dietHubby has many terms of endearment for me, which I won’t share. It would embarrass us all! Recently he’s started referring to me as ‘Pesky’! I don’t think he’s falling out of love with me, I don’t think I’m being particularly annoying (though I have my moments!) — it’s just short for ‘pescetarian’. I increasingly gave up meat earlier in the year and it’s now starting to feel like a definite way of life rather than a figuring-it-out transition. I guess this is his way of dealing with it a little!

This diet chose me. It wasn’t part of any grand plan. Hubby’s convinced (unhappily) that I’m on the slippery slope towards veganism. I think I’d need to be inhabiting a different body (and perhaps mind) for that to happen. But that’s the funny thing — I am changing all the time, so I’ve given up predicting what I might or might not be in the future. For now I’m just focusing on what makes me feel good, rather than what is ethically best (a question with a thousand different answers after all!). The only reason I gave up meat was that it started to make me feel really sick.

So because there was no plan I hadn’t thought much about this change in my diet. I’d just gone along eating what hubby ate but without the meat, sometimes with fish instead. I’ve taken quite a lot out of my diet and I’m not sure I’ve put enough different stuff back in. So I’m belatedly wondering whether part of the fatigue I’ve been experiencing is not just a virus tailing on but could also be just not eating enough. Um, sounds a bit obvious to me now!

fishloveSo I’ve done a bit more reading and picked up two thoughts: vegetarians (and maybe that applies also to pescetarians) need to eat as wide a variety of foods in each meal as poss, and should go for a pattern of 6 meals (or snacks) a day rather than 3. Oh. So now I think about it I have been feeling hungry more lately and it’s not helped by never having figured out how to eat properly around yoga classes (not before, but too late afterwards…) so that’s two dinners a week that don’t get eaten properly.

More work is needed if this is going to work happily for me. Two lovely friends have passed me their veggie recipe du jour recently in order to inspire me and more specifically to find meals that will feed me and Hubby without me cooking twice each day. But I kind of wish I had some veggie friends I could check in with. I’m feeling a bit of a freak… And a fishy one at that!

And let’s not even think about the family Christmas menu…

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  1. I’ll be your friend! I’ve been vegetarian for about 40 years now, and have raised 4 kids as vegetarians as well. In the last few years I’ve felt better eliminating a lot of the dairy that I used to rely on… it just doesn’t feel ideal anymore (I’m 56). I recently discovered Angela Liddon’s “Oh She Glows” vegan cookbook. I really like it because the recipes are easy and good and don’t call for really odd ingredients. I highly recommend it! She also has a blog…

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    1. thank you k8! I might drop you a line if that’s ok..
      thank you for the website/book recommendation! some lovely sounding stuff there. easy is good right now as I figure out what I need. Eating now is a bit like yogasana — trying something and listening in to how if feels inside. I feel like Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh — you know the story where he’s figuring out what Eeyores like to eat? It turns out to be thistles, so maybe he was vegan! 😉


  2. Hehe too cute that hubby calls you pesky!! Curtis has many an awkward term of endearment for me too 🙂 my boss at work heard him lovingly call me a goat and looked somewhat disturbed haha. It’s interesting to hear how you slipped in to pescetarianism- my transition to vegetarianism was very gradual and unexpected too. Basically as a student for a million years I found it hard to afford meat, and the yoga lifestyle compounded this and now that I’ve done heaps more reading about it I am super happy with my choice! Having said that I flexible with it and not 100% vegetarian which works with me right now. Do you at fish every day or just sporadically?? I eat meat very sporadically, basically when I am just feeling a bit run down or low on energy!

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  3. Interesting that you just found you transitioned too…
    I guess I eat fish 50% of the time, just veggie the rest. So I hope that means in terms of protein I’m doing Ok without needing to worry too much.
    I wonder how you feel when you eat meat now? The last time I had red meat I felt really, really ill for about 24hours. I carried on with white meat for a while, but I don’t feel like that any more. I find it all a bit strange!


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