Beware yoga sheep — baaa!

I intended to go to yoga class this morning. Hubby was off to the hairdresser so I had the morning to myself. Perfect for sneaking in an extra class, I thought. I don’t usually practice on a Saturday. Not for me an aṣtanga thing, that’s not my style — just an acknowledgement that Saturday needs to be a coming-together, domestic day after busy working weeks where Hubby and I live quite separate lives. On week nights we manage a late dinner together, but that’s about it.

So the unusual possibility of a Saturday class while he was off getting coiffed was appealing.

sheep in a lineBut second thoughts are often the best. Sure, I could go to class today and I’d probably find the practice rewarding. But is this really what I need? Āsana practice, especially in a group setting, is appealing and slightly seductive. But really I detected a slight whiff of yogic FOMO in my desire for class today. And really I’m naturally more comfortable ploughing my own furrow than following the herd. Why should yoga bring out latent sheep-like tendencies in me? Really the practice is all about meeting yourself, not following nose to tail with yogic sheep!

brekkieMy teacher’s on a bit of a theme of satya (truth) at the moment, which suits me fine. It’s the yama that for me is maybe the most important. So my truth moment this morning was that I didn’t need to go to class today. My body could really do with more rest, not more strong practice. My headspace, after a week of office-based demands and responsibilities, craves some quiet time where I am beholden to no-one. The yoga mat could offer that quiet space, yes. But so could tucking up in a quiet corner in my favourite joint in town, with a coffee and a second breakfast. So this is where I am.  A little Devanāgarī practice, a bit of people watching, but a lot of just being here, savouring the flavours of my food and drink.

And Hubby’s parting comment before we went our separate ways on the high street was to ask if we could perhaps do some practice together this afternoon. So maybe there’s space for āsana practice on a Saturday after all.


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