Yoga lyrics

I’m the urban spaceman, baby; I’ve got speed
I’ve got everything I need
I’m the urban spaceman, baby; I can fly
I’m a supersonic guy
I don’t need pleasure
I don’t feel pain
If you were to knock me down I’d just get up again

I wake up every morning with a smile upon my face
My natural exuberance spills out all over the place

This bit of Neil Innes wisdom was the soundtrack to home practice today! I have a dump of odd bits of music that makes me smile and sometimes I play the tracks randomised when I need a little lift in my yoga. It’s very eclectic and the suprise juxtapositions can make me laugh as much as any lyrics in particular — though actually these lines are kinda yogic if you close half an ear. “I’ve got everything I need” = santosha. “I don’t need pleasure, I don’t feel pain” = kleshas. “knock me down I’d just get up again” = abhyasa and vairagya. “natural exuberance” = prāṇa. Right??!

Today this musical gem was followed by Anna Karina and Serge Gainsbourg with Roller Girl and then Lou Bega with Mambo No.5!
And so on…

Maybe not much yogic in these, but they sure made me smile, and I think I need some of that right now. Asana sometimes just feels like crazy shapes that make me giggle, but the experience can also go deep very quickly and often the whole yoga deal feels pretty overwhelming. So practice of late has been about lightening up — yeah, even while my FB and RSS feeds tell me the rest of the world is wanting to go deeper… I guess deep is OK, but I want to avoid heavy. I can get too serious too quickly and I’m not sure that ‘serves’.

And then finally in my weird playlist we got to the incomparable Nikos Xylouris with afton to kosmo ton kalo (“this good world”), with a lesson in the importance of living fully and being awake to all that life offers:

This good world
patched many times
sew unravel, sew unravel
you won’t be empty of work, work, work

This good world
others had it first
laugh my friend, laugh my friend
it’s not, it’s not, it’s not for pity

This good world
they handed it down to us
run my friend, run my friend
and don’t, and don’t, and don’t take it seriously

This good world
others await it
think my friend, think my friend
the time, the time, the time that you will leave

The super-nerdy, purist part of me feels as though music for yoga practice is kind of a cheat, a distraction from the simplicity and honesty of what is, but I’m also playing with the concept of pratipakṣa bhāvana (cultivation of opposites). If it was good enough for Patañjali then it’s good enough for me — I know that happy music balances out the super-serious tendency of my vṛtti-s!

YouTube links for anyone curious:

Roller Girl

Mambo No. 5

Afton ton kosmo to kalo

And the Greek lyrics for my own amusement at least:

Αυτόν τον κόσμο τον καλό
τον χιλιομπαλωμένο
βρε ράβε ξήλωνε ράβε ξήλωνε
δουλειά δουλειά δουλειά να μη σου λείπει

Αυτόν τον κόσμο τον καλό
άλλοι τον είχαν πρώτα
βρε γέλα φίλε μου γέλα φίλε μου
δεν είναι δεν είναι δεν είναι και για λύπη

Αυτόν τον κόσμο τον καλό
σ’ εμάς τον παραδώσανε
βρε τρέχα φίλε μου τρέχα φίλε μου
και μη και μη και μη βαριά το παίρνεις

Αυτόν τον κόσμο τον καλό
άλλοι τον καρτεράνε
βρε σκέψου φίλε μου σκέψου φίλε μου
την ώρα την ώρα την ώρα που θα φεύγεις


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  1. I love to practice with music. But am more hesitant about choosing a playlist for a class I might be teaching. Musical preference is such a personal thing. I have usually been less than inspired by playlists I’ve heard in classes… just as my choices likely wouldn’t be appreciated by others.
    I like Anoushka Shankar sometimes, or Pandit Jasraj’s Gayatri (and other rāga). Sometimes it’s fun to rock along to Jai Uttal’s bhakti beat!
    Rock on, babycrow!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for sharing some of your faves k8. more for me to explore.
      Hmm, I know what you mean about music when teaching — my students haven’t complained so far(!), but I curate those playlists carefully. still my taste of course, but hopefully it works with the flow of class at least. in my own practice it’s been really fun recently letting go of the controls and seeing what comes up randomly and how that works with my practice or not! The sudden appearance of Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band made me laugh a lot! Totally busted any inner focus, but that’s oK! 🙂


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