Sukha Tuesday

Did I mention before that I LOVE Tuesdays? I think I did — only the other week in fact. I would say it was my favourite day of the week, but actually all the rest are pretty good too!! I’m a happy babycrow right now at least!

Tuesday this week offered the usual wonderful mix of Sanskrit plus yoga (with a bit of office work beforehand of course).

Sanskrit class miraculously felt quite comfortable. So much my teacher says that I don’t understand (Pāṇini clearly fascinates him but is a complete mystery to me) and his super-fast explanations of how the root changes in different classes of verbs will definitely need repeating more than once before I can remember the patterns, let alone feel comfortable with any ideas about IE sound shifts… But that’s all OK. Trust the process right? I’m know I’m not a natural linguist: I don’t see the patterns, I just have to memorise a lot of paradigms.

Of course vocab is easier than grammar. And this week words kept popping up that I know from yoga study and I love it when Sanskrit and yoga meet like this — that’s why I’m doing it after all! Some obvious words like purnam and parśva, but we also digressed into meanings of ātman (meaning both soul and body, with no obvious chronological development, just contextual — so no wonder translations and understanding of these ideas are so confusing and contradictory). I also suprised my teacher for knowing the expression śanaiḥ śanaiḥ — but it’s what I have written on the top of my yoga mat! And we shared a nerdy joke about sadhana vs sādhana (wealth vs spiritual practice). He he! 🙂

He also said he’d look into the GCSE set texts and think about when we could start work on those. Yay! Not so much because I want to do another exam but because we’ll get to read bits of the Hitopadeśa or Rāmāyāṇa. And I guess although learning for learning’s sake is nice, milestones to recognise achievement are also encouraging (assuming I’ll pass GCSE without too much intellectual agony!)

lokah-samastahAnd then on to yoga āsana class, beginning with a short Sanskrit chant which always feels a nice way of bridging the two activities. And I’m going through one of those phases of ease in my practice right now. Not effortless by any means because I’m consciously testing assumptions of what I can and can’t do, but I’m doing it by cultivating some loving kindness and trust towards my body rather than pushing it. It can usually do way more than I ever anticipate. So tonight I was able to kick up into a handstand position against the wall for the first time EVER without any assistance. My simple bunny-hopping experiments at home just allowed this to happen. Small yoga magic. Nice work, body of mine!

So class practice just felt happy, too happy if that’s possible. So happy I had to take a break from movement part way through and let such feelings of joy bubble up to the surface (suppressing my selfish urge for loud giggling) and disperse a little before I could concentrate enough to continue. Laughing Yoga may be A Thing, but I don’t think it refers to hiccupping trying not to giggle during some challenging flow.

So I put my giggly joy on hold until I got outside and walked home through the rain grinning at random strangers.

I hope you’re having a good week. x

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