Yoga by moonlight

I was chatting a friend over coffee today and conversation turned as often to yoga. We're both busy with relationships, work, family, keeping well/feeling ill... the usual flow of life stuff. And for myself I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by work right now (I'm covering the essentials of my boss's workload while he's on extended leave).... Continue Reading →

Mandolines and Tiggers

I just bought a mandoline (not a mandolin -- though Hubby does own a bouzouki, if you wanted a random fact of the day!). I mean the tool for slicing veggies (and fingers too if you don't concentrate well). Somehow I've gone four decades without needing one, but now my moment has come since I'm eating more... Continue Reading →

Sick of winter?

Last autumn I made a commitment to myself to try to approach my least favourite season of the year with a lighter attitude, hoping to lessen the  winter darkness with a bit of positive thinking and some constructive actions. Now we've passed the shortest day I'm breathing something of a sigh of relief. I'm on the home straight,... Continue Reading →

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