Me and the tree. “Tim-ber!!!”

treesurgery2We have a beautiful mature ash tree in our garden. I love this tree so much! It’s one of the reasons we bought our place, and it brings me such joy to see the birds, animals, and insects that live in and around it. Because of the pleasure it brings me, I feel very protective of it.

But it’s not just me and the tree.

And it’s not just the welfare of the tree I have to consider, since it does overhang a few other gardens and houses and I have some responsibility for their safety. This is a mature forest tree, and arguably not well suited to life in the ‘burbs.

treesurgery1So today was tree surgery day. I lke to think we found a good compromise — a serious ‘haircut’ for the ash tree that should last it at least five years, and hopefully defer any more suggestions that we should chop it down. I missed all the action, being at work. But Hubby took a few pics for me of the daredevil tree surgeons hanging off ropes in the tree.

It looked a bit stark to me when I got home and it’s certainly terrified all birds and squirrels into hiding for now. Hopefully they’ll come back in a few days and there’s still enough foliage for them until the leaves drop in the next month or so.

Come next spring I hope it’ll all be forgotten.

This blog post might not seem to be much about yoga, but I’m thinking about ahimsa and vairagya.

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  1. The ash borer has destroyed pretty much all the ash trees in Ottawa. Interestingly, we lost the big ash on our front lawn, but one of its babies (Which actually has the placenta of my 3rd born planted in its roots) has survived! It is a real anomaly. Perhaps the ash borers aren’t around anymore to attack it… we’ll wait and see. Nice that yours isn’t threatened in that way : )
    Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

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