Heart and hearth

Some time ago my yoga teacher suggested I meditate on the difficulties I'm having physically: on why my physio has identified limited thoracic spine mobility along with grumbling shoulders and neck. What is this really? It's been weeks since he dropped this idea on me and I have been avoiding it ever since! Bad yoga... Continue Reading →

Exploring the three corners of the world

First question of teacher training (the yoga equivalent of those terrible corporate ice-breakers you have to deal with in management seminars and what-not) - what's your favourite and least favourite yoga pose? Tricky question. So many to choose from -- in the 'least favourite' category that is! 🙂 One of them was definitely Trikoṇāsana. I... Continue Reading →


A quick word from my TT whirlwind, to capture a moment, although I am too tired for careful words. Stay with me, dear readers. So many affirmatives these past few days: You are beautiful. Your meditation really moved me. I enjoyed the poem you read. I love it when you leave your hair down. The colour pink really suits... Continue Reading →

Turning my practice upside-down

Class the other day was all about change -- making changes oneself and accepting changes that occur. Some amusing thoughts, as always, from my teacher on his experiences of yoga. I liked his consideration of how many friends you might lose through yoga because you become apparently boring -- finding more pleasure in the emerging spring flowers... Continue Reading →

Gratitude in the dark

Gratitude has become one of those fashionable things. We're all at it. My Facebook feed is full of people listing stuff they're grateful for. I guess it's great that they're practicing this and taking the time to think. Except that cynically I'm not sure it isn't all a bit superficial. Most of the things people express... Continue Reading →

Silence is the language of God

“Silence is the language of God. All else is poor translation.” Rumi A while ago I wrote a first little something about the ineffable quality of the divine wondering what I might do with the notion of union with the divine in my own yoga practice. This is uncomfortable territory for me: I was brought up in a god-less... Continue Reading →

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