Loss and gain

Am I the only healthy person who lost weight over Christmas? Not much (nothing to worry about!), but I don’t ever drop weight, nor do I try to, so I’m quite surprised. It’s not just the number on the scales though, my jeans don’t fit any more. Actually they’ve started to hang so low on the waist, I’m in danger of flashing my undies. Not a good look! Hubby gently suggested I go shopping. He knows I don’t enjoy this at any time of year, let alone in the post-Christmas sales. But in the event there was a Christmas miracle for me — the first pair of jeans I tried on fitted well enough, so I bought them. Job done! I’ll have to admit when it comes to jeans I don’t even try to find an ethical brand — the whole process of finding a pair that fits is too difficult even on the high street 😦

So there are unexpected consequences of yoga practice. My waist gets smaller as some abdominal muscles emerge from the softness of my age and my previously inactive lifestyle. Hubby loves it, grabbing me round the waist, gently poking with his finger and counting my ‘six pack’ — until he gets grumpy realising that I haven’t deliberately worked for this as he has, and he stubbornly remains more obviously cuddly than I am!

But another unexpected consequence of yoga is that the desire for new jeans, or in fact many other things I used to covet, is slipping away. I’m not massively ascetic in my way of living, but I rarely get that excited about buying anything these days. Particularly clothes. I don’t feel the need to dress up. I have to force myself to make some effort for work and for social things. Otherwise I feel I’m regressing back to innocent childhood days when I happily wore whatever came to hand.

I don’t share these thoughts with those around me, but my mum came across something I’d written about aparigraha (non-coveting, non-acquisition) which put her into a spin over Christmas presents. If I don’t really want anything, let alone those seasonal plastic trivialities which abound in the shops these past few months, what’s she supposed to do for gifts? I didn’t suggest a charitable donation, knowing the idea wouldn’t go down well. Instead I gave a her a book list — the kind of reading I’d like to do if I could justify the expense easily for what might be one-off reads rather than long-lasting reference works.

So now I have a load of interesting things to read. I’m like a kid in a candy store. I don’t know which one to start with!

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  1. I know what you mean! I got asked a few months ago what I wanted for Christmas, and honestly had no idea, so I ended up coming up with things that would help me stay motivated or encouraged with my wellness journey. A prime example would be my kettle – boiling water in green tea makes it more bitter so a kettle that didn’t fully boil was good plus it made my mum happy being able to get something she knew I’d use 🙂 of course I ended up with a good few new books as well, so now I need another bookshelf!

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      1. I’m still trying to figure out my best direction to be honest! I’ve had some health problems lately that sent everything else into pause so I’m taking the opportunity to give things a closer think over, as well as changing how I do things in my life. I’ve always been terrible at book reviews and because I work full time and live alone I don’t really have any little anecdotes to share, hence the difficulty with settling in a topic.


          1. I’m still seeing the doctor to try and figure out what’s gone on but it feels like I’m over the worst of it – which hopefully will bring back some focus for writing. Unfortunately I lost a little love for the yoga because I ended up doing it on my own, but working on that can become it’s own topic over time. I suspect when the other half and I move in together I’ll have more topics than I know what to do with! Thank you for the well wishes 🙂

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  2. Our kids are young adults now, and they were all vastly relieved when, a few years back, we simplified the whole gifting element of our celebrations. We draw names among the 6 of us now… there is a modest spending limit too. So everyone gives one gift and receives one gift. It’s quite lovely! : )

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